Afghanistan: Taliban’s new decree, women will not be able to travel alone

Everest Look December 26, 2021 1 Min Read
Updated 2021/12/26 at 4:28 PM
1 Min Read

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have said that women who travel medium and long distances will no longer be allowed to travel alone. It will now be mandatory to have a close male relative during the journey with him except for short distance journeys.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Virtue and Prevention of Evil has issued necessary instructions in this regard.

Ministry spokesman Sadiq Akif Muhajir told AFP news agency that women who have covered distances of more than 72 kilometers will no longer be allowed to travel without any of their male relatives.

Apart from this, it has been told that the vehicle owners have been told not to allow any woman to sit in their vehicles without wearing a hijab.

However, human rights activists are opposing these decisions of the Taliban. They argue that the Taliban’s interpretation of the hijab is still unclear.

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