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After the rape, the uncle burnt the mother alive, the children spent their days crying

Anibha Khadayat, who was burnt alive by the police in Darchula’s Shailyashikhar Municipality, was murdered on June 8 after the rape. It has been found out in police research.

Shailyashikhar-1, Baril’s brother-in-law Bhojraj Khadayat is responsible for the rape and murder of 43-year-old Anibha, it has been found out in police research.

Bhojraj has been caught by the police. And he has admitted that he has done this incident.

On June 30, the police submitted the investigation report along with Bhojraj’s statement to the District Public Prosecutor. The next day, the court sent him to custody for trial. He is in jail.

Anibha was hit on the head with a stone when she resisted the rape. After this the body was burnt alive with straw and wheat.

Anibha’s husband had died eight years ago. He has four children. The elder son went to India to earn ecstasy while Miley’s daughter Santoshi is married.

Anibha lived with her two daughters Gomti and Saraswati. Both were at home on the day of the incident.

According to the police investigation report, Bhojraj reached Simar Bazar in Baitadi with two friends on June 7. Both drank two bottles of liquor and returned home around 12 o’clock in the night.

Bhojraj was returning to Anibha’s house. He saw the door open. There was light inside. Anibha was doing some work. The daughters slept in another room.

Bhojraj entered and took Anibha out saying ‘there is urgent work’.

Daughter Gomti saw her mother coming out of the window. He thought that mother would be back soon.

It was 2 o’clock in the night.

Bhojraj tries to take Anibha away. Anibha got suspicious. He did not say. There was a sugarcane field about 50 meters away from the house. Taking there Bhojraj tried to force against Anibha.

When Anibha started abusing her, Bhojraj hit her on the head with a stone. After pelting stones twice in a row, Anibha started sobbing. Bhojraj then covered the victim’s body with a nearby bush.

He took off his clothes at the scene but found only a pair of pants and a pair of sandals. Thinking that he would leave the rest of the clothes at Anibha’s house, he went in search of clothes. But did not meet. But he washed away the blood on his hand.

According to Bhojraj’s statement, Gomti was calling on her mobile phone when she went home. The mobile got switched off as soon as the phone rang.

Bhojraj tries to snatch her mobile phone thinking that Gomti has come to know about the incident and is now reporting it to the police.

Gomti ran away and reached her sister-in-law’s house across the river. Bhojraj returned from the river.

Bhojraj kept the gold ornaments Anibha was wearing in his pocket. There was also a match in the goji. When he returned, he threw straw and wheat on the body of Anibha, who was lying unconscious.

He ran away after setting fire to Anibha’s body.

Bhojraj, who ran barefoot wearing only a pair of pants, reached his house, and put on slippers and shirt. Police say that even the fugitive’s family did not know about it.

When Gomti reached her sister-in-law’s house in panic, there was a ruckus. At the same time, he saw a fire burning from afar. Gomti and some people of the village reached there. Anibha’s hand was visible outside the burning fire.

It was confirmed that Anibha was burnt at this place. Seeing this, Gomti fainted.

After this the villagers informed the police. Police started investigation. The person involved in the incident has been identified as Bhojraj but he had fled from the village. The police could not locate him.

On the same day, the police took Anibha’s body to the district headquarters for postmortem.

During the investigation, the police arrested two people who were drinking alcohol with Bhojraj. But he was let off after his involvement in the rape and murder was not noticed.

Bhojraj had gone to Puchaudi Haat on the sugarcane road of Baitadi that day. From there Dholya reached a village near Mor. Fearing arrest, he did not enter the village but returned to the forest.

She spent the night in the forest. The next day around 12 noon, the police arrested him on his way to Bajhang. The police took him to Darchula and took his statement.

Anibha’s eldest son Parmanand was still in India when lightning struck the house. She works as a cook in a hotel. As soon as they got information about the incident, they returned home.

‘I couldn’t help myself as soon as I heard the news. I felt dizzy,’ he said, ‘I left Bangalore that day at 8 pm.’

It took five days to reach Palia from Bangalore by bus. They say that it took six days to reach Gaurifanta due to the breakdown of the bus.

On the way, Didi would call out, ‘Come on, Dada, where are you?’ During the six-day journey, he ate only for two days.

‘I was speechless on the trip. Hunger, sleep, thirst vanished. it was a long journey. Being with my uncle helped me a lot along the way,’ said Parmanand.

When he reached home there was a crowd. The police had done the postmortem by taking possession of Anibha’s body.

“May after seeing my mother’s grief after father’s death, I don’t want to hurt her anymore. That’s why May started working. My sisters are still studying. If I earn money, my mother will be happy I think my sisters will be able to study a lot.

He used to send money to his mother from time to time. The same amount was spent on the education of both the sisters and other household expenses. 16 year old Gomti is studying in 10th and 14 year old Saraswati is studying in 8th class.

‘I can’t live without my mother. We used to talk on the phone for a long time every month. My mother used to cry if I was not feeling well. And used to explain to me. Don’t fight, the time is not right,’ said Bliss with a cry.

After leaving with the father and now with the mother, the responsibility of the house rests on the shoulders of the greatest bliss. He sometimes reminds the weeping sisters.

“They fear that I will go to India again. They cry because they cannot be alone,’ said Bliss, ‘there is no other mother in the world like my mother.’

Shailyashikhar Municipality Deputy Chief Shanti Khadayat said that they are ready to relieve their pain.

“We have also said that we will help with the education of the children.” We are looking at what can be done,’ she said. (Translated from

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