Chief Justice asked: Is this government KP Oli’s or Nepal Communist Party’s ?

Everest Look February 14, 2021 2 Min Read
Updated 2021/02/14 at 10:06 AM
2 Min Read
Supreme Court Nepal

Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Rana has questioned the leadership of the current government. During the debate on the writ petition against the dissolution of the House of Representatives, which started on Sunday, Chief Justice Rana questioned Advocate Dr Deenmani Pokharel about it.

In the session, Rana asked, “Who is the current Prime Minister, KP Oli’s government or the CPN (Maoist) government?” In reply, Pokhrel said that it was a CPN (Maoist) government. Rana asked again, When the CPN (Maoist) has a majority in parliament, and a parliamentary party, after becoming the Prime Minister as per Article 76 (1), where did you see the situation of Articles 2, 3 and 5 of the same Article? .

Rana said that the condition of Articles 2, 3 and 5 of Article 76 of the Constitution would be abolished. After that, while speaking in front of Pokhrel saying that the Oli government belonged to the CPN (Maoist), Rana stopped again and asked, Why haven’t you answered this question yet ?, Judge Tej Bahadur KC added questions, How can another government with a majority ? .

In his reply, Pokharel said that there was a difference in the understanding of the judges. He said, ‘sir’s and our understanding is different. The government belongs to the CPN (Maoist). The constitution does not allow this situation to be imagined.

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