Corona virus vaccine: Status of my country and the rest of the world

Everest Look February 14, 2021 4 Min Read
Updated 2021/02/14 at 4:34 AM
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The question that arises in everyone’s mind right now is about the distribution of covid vaccine – when is my turn? Some countries have clear goals, but the rest of the world is unclear. So what do we know so far?

Vaccination for Covid-19 is a matter of life and death.

It involves complex scientific processes, multinational corporations, many conflicting government promises, and a web of bureaucracies and rules. So it is difficult to say who will get the vaccine and when.

Agathe DeMaris, director of global forecasting for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), has done a detailed study on the subject.

The EIU looks at the world’s vaccine production capacity, as well as the health infrastructure needed for vaccine distribution, and the population by country and the ability to purchase vaccines.

The main conclusion is that, as many think, the distribution of vaccines depends on the rich and the poor.

The UK and US have no problem supplying vaccines. Because he also put a lot of resources into vaccine development and is now at the forefront of the line.
Canada and the EU country are a little behind. Most low-income countries have not yet started vaccinating. But there are also some unique examples.

Canada was criticized last year for buying five times more vaccines than it needed. But they have yet to prioritize vaccine supplies.

But the situation was reversed.

While European factories are struggling to supply, the EU, not the US, has raised the issue of export bans.

There seems to be no question of sending to Canada unless there is sufficient supply in the European market, ”said Agathe DeMaris.

Serbia is the eighth most vaccinated country in terms of population – ahead of the EU.

Serbia’s success is not limited to effective vaccination campaigns. It has also benefited from the efforts of China and Russia to exert influence in Eastern Europe. Both Russian Sputnik-V and Chinese synopharm vaccines are available here.

Many people have received the Chinese vaccine. China’s vaccine can be effective. In the future, people who need extra booster doses will look for Chinese vaccines.

The UAE also relies heavily on synoform vaccines. Eighty percent of the vaccines vaccinated there are also produced there. The UAE has developed the production infrastructure of Sinofarm.

“It will increase China’s influence and make it harder for China to say no in the future,” he said.

But just because the world has a vaccination superpower does not mean that the population of those countries will benefit first.

According to EIU research, it may take until the end of 2022 for full vaccination in leading vaccine producing countries like China and India. Both countries have large populations and lack of vaccinating manpower.

One person has a key role to play in India’s success. Adar Punawala’s company Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.

In the middle of last year, his family was worried because he had invested billions in unproven vaccines.

In January, the first batch of vaccines developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca were delivered to the Government of India.

At present, his factory is producing 2.4 million doses of vaccine daily. His company also supplies vaccines to Brazil, Morocco, Bangladesh and South Africa.

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