CPN-Maoist Central General Convention: MCC is not treasonous to the country – says PM Deuba

Everest Look December 26, 2021 3 Min Read
Updated 2021/12/26 at 6:30 PM
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In the inaugural session of the eighth general convention of the CPN-Maoist Center which started in the capital on Sunday, the leaders of the parties have debated about the US grant agreement MCC.

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba defended the agreement, saying it was not treasonous, while some Communist Party leaders argued that the MCC should be scrapped.

I don’t even know if he is a traitor or not. I had to read it first. Where is the MCC traitor? I have not seen treason anywhere, “said Deuba.

I am also the Prime Minister of Nepal. Will I go against the nation? I am also a person who has fought for democracy, for the nation, can I make a treasonous treaty ?.

Stating that he was holding discussions with Prachanda and other leaders, Deuba urged the participants of the Maoist convention to understand the MCC better.

Stating that the MCC grant was “free money”, Deuba said international law would also apply to loans taken from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

On another occasion, Deuba hinted that the alliance with the Maoists could continue till the next election.

What did Prachanda say about MCC?

Pushpa Kamal Dahal – Image © RSS

Addressing the inaugural session, UCPN (M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda termed the PM’s statement on MCC as “his opinion”.

He spoke in support of the PMC, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. We are discussing. He also said that we will reach an understanding through discussion. He also said a big thing.

According to Prachanda, the Maoists also want to take the current ruling coalition to the next election.

He said that the alliance would be easily extended to the post-election level in any case. That’s what we want to hear from his mouth, said Prachanda.

Chairman of the CPN-Unified Socialist Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the parties should move forward on the basis of the suggestions of the people on the national issue.

General Secretary of the CPN-UML, Shankar Pokharel, the main opposition party in the parliament, pointed out the danger of Nepal-controlled instability if the Nepali parties could not stand together on nationalism, independence and foreign policy.

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