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Dialysis service stopped at Nepalgunj Medical College

Nepalgunj Medical College in Kohalpur, Banke has stopped dialysis service. The dialysis service has been stopped due to the non-receipt of funds from the government.

18 to 20 people were undergoing dialysis daily in Nepalgunj Medical College. After the service was stopped, the patients were upset.

Birang Health Care Pvt Ltd, which is in charge of dialysis services in Nepalgunj Medical College, has stopped dialysis services since last Friday. Currently, there are 18 to 20 patients who need dialysis every day, the Ministry of Health has stopped the service after not sending funds for 14 months. We are trying to start the service.

Shishir Shah, manager of Birang Health Care, said that the dialysis service has been closed since Friday due to non-payment for a year. “From the last financial year to August of this financial year, we have not received about 2 crore rupees,” Shah said.

After the service was stopped at Nepalgunj Medical College, the patients had to be sent to other hospitals. Even though dialysis services are available in many hospitals, there is a problem that patients do not get their turn due to lack of enough machines.

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