Hospitals are filling up with corona patients: Most people do not need oxygen

Everest Look January 14, 2022 1 Min Read
Updated 2022/01/14 at 4:45 PM
1 Min Read

According to doctors, many patients with corona infection do not need oxygen. Most patients needed oxygen during the second wave of infection, doctors said most patients infected with the Omicron variant no longer needed oxygen.

Doctors told that despite the increase in the number of infected in the hospital, there was no problem. Dr. Manisha Rawal, director of Shukraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital, told that most of the patients admitted in the hospital do not need oxygen.

At present, 60 percent of the infected patients who come to the hospital for treatment do not need oxygen. Even if the infected do not need oxygen, the oxygen plant and liquid oxygen plant are being kept ready by the hospital.

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