International Award for Tiger Conservation to Bardiya National Park

Everest Look January 29, 2022 2 Min Read
Updated 2022/01/29 at 5:34 AM
2 Min Read

Bardia National Park has been honoured with an international award for its remarkable work in the conservation of tigers. Bardia National Park has doubled the tiger population, conserving the world’s rarest tiger.

The recently announced award will be presented to Nepal on the sidelines of the second Tiger Summit to be held in Russia in September 2022. The award has been given by the United Nations Development Program the World Wildlife Conservation Fund and a group of nine international organizations working in the field of conservation across the world, Bardia National Park has received the award for doubling the number of tigers.

Award selection was based on the government’s protection policy, effective implementation of existing policies, active participation of the local community, housing improvement, poaching control efforts, support, coordination and partnerships from the local community and other bodies. The tiger population has increased due to the effective work done in all these areas in and around Bardiya National Park.

In 2009 there were 121 tigers in Nepal and 18 in Bardia. In 2010, at the Tiger Foundation’s first Tiger Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Nepal made a commitment to double that by 2022. As per Nepal’s commitment, the tiger population is expected to double by 2022. Currently, tiger counts are being done in Parsa, Chiwatan, Banke, Bardiya and Shuklaphanta National Parks and areas around Terai where tigers are found in Nepal.

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