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Leopard trapped in pig’s trap, dies during rescue

The leopard trapped in the trap has died in Baitari-Dasarathchand Municipality-4 Binasoum. The leopard was caught in a trap set by a farmer for wild boar in a corn field.

According to the head of the Divisional Forest Office, Bhimprasad Kandel, the trapped leopard died during the rescue on Wednesday afternoon.

He said, “The leopard caught in the trap died while being rescued by the security personnel. We were taking the cage and rescuing it. At the same time the leopard died.

A team was called from Shuklaphanta National Park to rescue the trapped leopard, but the leopard died before the team could reach. Preparations have been made to lift the dead leopard and bury it in the Divisional Forest Office premises. RSS News

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