Nepal Unique In Guaranteeing Women’s Rights: PM Deuba

Everest Look January 1, 2022 2 Min Read
Updated 2022/01/01 at 9:42 AM
2 Min Read

Kathmandu, Jan 1: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that women’s rights have been guaranteed in every apparatuses and structure of the State.    

Launching a book ‘Nepalika Sapana Adhurai (Unrealized dream of Nepali people)’ authored by Nepali Congress (NC) central member Dr Dila Sangraula on Saturday, PM Deuba noted that Nepal was a special and unique country in bestowing reservation rights to women.    

He shared that Nepal has established women leadership as the Head of the State, Speaker, Deputy Speaker and mayor/chief and deputy mayor/deputy chief.    

“Nepal is the only country where women have been granted 33 per cent representation in every sector. There has been an arrangement of reservations for women in every state organ. My own party NC has secured 37 per cent reservation to women”, added PM Deuba, also the President of the Nepali Congress.    

He went on to say that the government and political parties are also equally serious in regard to the agenda of women rights and participation.    

Citing the example that Nepal is a country having proportional representation of different Dalit, indigenous nationalities and backward groups, Deuba pledged to increase women representation and participation in the structures of the party and the state in the future.    

On the occasion, PM Deuba lauded leader Sangraula as a very diligent personality perennially pitching for women rights. He also congratulated Sangraula for bringing out the book incorporating the contemporary context of the country.    

The book has covered 148 articles that were already published in different newspapers. The 515-page book is divided into six different chapters. 

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