Pre-approval is required for import of food and beverages

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Updated 2022/01/09 at 7:10 AM
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Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has stated that prior approval is required for import of food grains and food products, processed and unprocessed oil, ghee, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables.

The integrated exchange circular 2078 issued by the foreign exchange management department of the bank on Friday has made provision for prior approval for the import of food and beverages mentioned in 16 different points.

NRB, which has taken a tough stance on imports of various luxury items including vehicles and cosmetics. The bank has also issued a unified circular which requires prior approval for import of various items like food and beverages.

Import of drinking water, specialty foods, baby food and infant formula foods, baby base and infant formula foods infant and baby food supplements, food supplements, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements also need prior approval.

Pre-approval is also required for various beverages, chocolate, chewing gum, toffee, cocoa, papad bhujia, finger chips, dalmoth, sweets, sonapapadi raw and ready-made snacks foods.

Spices, Tea, Coffee, Salt, Eggs and Egg Foods, Food Dyes, Flavors, Emulsifiers, Antioxidants, Food and Beverage Foods, Foods and Beverages The department has stated that approval is required for this.
The department has also stated that the details of importer, exporter, quantity and price should be in line with the details mentioned in the license while importing such goods.

The ban was lifted

The department has removed the complete ban on the import of peas and has made arrangements to import up to 80,000 metric tons for this financial year.

Similarly, up to 25,000 MT of areca nut and 5,000 MT of unwashed chickpeas can be imported up to 15,000 MT. NRB has said that foreign exchange facility can be provided for import of these items up to specified quantity.

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