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Wherever I go, people say you are the next PM: Prachanda

CPN Maoist Center President Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that he wants to lead the country if given a chance.

Giving an interview on Himalaya Television’s programme, he said there was no discussion within the ruling coalition about who would become the prime minister after the elections, but said he would like to lead if given a chance.

If given the opportunity, there is a desire to lead the country and once established what is in terms of the tremendous economic growth. It is not that there is no desire,” Prachanda said.

Prachanda says that when he was the first prime minister, he focused on physical infrastructure development, he put forward the concept of mid-hill road, north-south corridor and electrification, and when he was the second prime minister, he focused on national integration. and focused on the model of development and the strength of democracy.

However, he said that due to lack of experience and time in the past, he could not do the work effectively. The second time, I tried to be a little more conscious of connecting Madhesh, hills and mountains, taking the country towards elections and making it possible for Prachanda to do and do in terms of development,” Prachanda said.

He claims that if he gets a chance to become the Prime Minister for the third time, he will work to take a leap in development. He says, ‘Now I have a lot of experience. I see that people trust me too. I want to give confidence to the country to leapfrog in economic development through a combination of some big projects and some small projects.


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