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Why Nalapani couldn’t run for a week in theaters ?

Rimesh Adhikari took a long time to make the film ‘Nalapani’. Few producers have the guts to make a film on such historical stories in Nepal. However, Rimesh showed the courage to make this film.

However, the movie made by Rimesh did not last even a week in the theatres. The film tells the story of how Balabhadra Kunwar’s team fought against the British in the Battle of Nalapani.

The audience did not show much interest in this film. Within a week, the film got out of the way. The business of the film is also very weak. While the film ‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’, which ran with this film, was gathering the audience in the hall, the audience did not come to this film.

What is the reason for the lack of audience interest in a film based on a historical story?

Rimesh could not promote the film. He could not tell the audience about the film. The film’s reviews were also not pleasant. Especially despite all the efforts of the makers in making the film, the film has not been made as expected.

The audience does not watch the film because it is based on a historical story. The audience should like the content of the film. Due to this the film could not run even for a week in theatres.

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